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So, it appears we have learned some thangs about 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, the gun-like knife-wielding man who tackled Dave Chappelle during a set at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles as part of the “Netflix Is A Joke Fest” on Tuesday night and got himself beat TF up for it.

As we previously reported, Lee is an aspiring rapper who goes by  NoName_Trapper on social media. He has recorded a number of tracks including one titled “Dave Chappelle” and a separate song in which he rapped about, “Walkin’ straight into da Bowl,” which definitely sounds like a reference to the Hollywood Bowl where the WWFail took place. (For those too young to get that reference, the WWE used to be called the WWF. Now take your a** to school.)

We also reported that Lee recorded a song called “Maga My N***a” that revealed the wannabe rapper and wannabe competent tackler is a Black conservative Trump-humper.

But you know who hasn’t reported about Lee being a MAGA-fied Trump supporter? Right-wing media.

Nah, that couldn’t be right. The whitey-rights spend so much time scouring the sunken place for all the non-skinfolk they can find to serve as their resident “Black friend” that they couldn’t be ignoring the fact that Lee is of their tribe.

Surely, Candace Owens, the headmistress ambassador for negroes who want white adjacency, is all over this trending story and is shouting out her brother in sambo arms.

Wait—Nah, she’s tweeting about the Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape.

OK, but what about the fine folks at Fox News? Certainly, they’re reporting about the latest non-white to bring diversity to conservative America.

Yeeeeeeah, no. I mean, Fox News reported on the incident and updated its readers on everything known about Lee at this point—well, almost everything. 

The network noted that “jail records describe Lee as being a Black male with black hair and brown eyes, who stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds.” (Which was a weird thing to note, but whatever.) It also reported everything about him being a rapper who posted songs about Chappelle. Fox News even went as far as to describe the image of him “standing on what appears to be a police vehicle, flashing the middle finger,” but it made no mention of the fact that, over that image, Lee is heard chanting, “MAGA my n****a,” and “Why everybody always hating on my president,” in reference to Donald Trump.

I don’t get it. Every time conservatives find themselves a Blacky-lackey, they show them off like diversity accessories embroidered with the words “See, I’m not racist!” But Lee comes around and they’re all like, “Sorry, that’s not my Tobey. I got mine right here at their seat at the table literally and figuratively serving the Kool-aid. Might as well throw that guy in the Black friend lost and found. I don’t know him.”

They couldn’t just be distancing themselves from him because he’s a rapper. They love MAGA rappers. When white Florida rapper Kurt Jantz, who goes by the rap name Forgiato Blow, released a music video meant to celebrate Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz as well as former Trump, they loved that sh**.

I mean, this guy looks like an Aryan Brotherhood extra from HBO’s Oz, but right-wingers aren’t ignoring his existence like they are Lee.

C’mon, guys—where’s the love? 


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