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Stacey Abrams

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In 2020, the country was shaken when the state of Georgia, for the first time in over 30 years, turned blue and aided in the number of electoral college votes needed to defeat agent 45 and aid in the Biden/Harris win. All of which was thanks to the efforts of former Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams. After losing the governor’s election in 2018, Abrams hit the ground running ensuring that not only Georgia, but the rest of the country got out and registered to vote.

Our sister publication HelloBeautiful had the opportunity to attend the One Georgia Fest: Grad Edition, this week, for Abrams who continued her mission to promote the youth to get out and vote and to continue her political fight.

“It was imperative that what took place in 2018 serves as a catalyst to the rest of America that not only registering to vote but going to the polls was necessary. It was important for me to use my platform and my voice to assist others and understand the issues that this country has been facing. not only were we able to register voters we were also able 2 mobilize voters to the polls in large numbers.”

With the midterm election coming up in November of 2022, Abrams is once again the front runner for the democratic candidate for governor of Georgia.

“It is your voices that will shape this upcoming election. It is your vote that truly matters. This state is the pendant upon you not only registering but going to the polls and casting your vote for the candidate that you feel aligns with the issues that you are facing. I’m in on getting Georgia back to free Community College education, two more resources to help pay for four-year institutions and to make sure that the gun control laws are really put under control. I care about the future and the state of young people which is why I am so proud of the class of 2022 you have faith so many obstacles and have been able to overcome and now it’s time to get to work.”

Not only was Stacey Abrams a part of the celebration but she also included a young new hip hop star and body positivity advocate, Yung Baby Tate hit the stage performing one of her latest tracks “Yass Queen.” after her performance she gave a few encouraging words to the class of 2022.

Yung Baby Tate

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“It’s our time young people, to get out and make a difference and make sure that we vote. Our ancestors fought and died so that we can have this right and we must never take it for granted so to the class of 2022 make sure you get out and vote.”

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