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Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Holds Rally Day Before Primary Election

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Is it just me or is GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker just out here saying things and hoping no one finds out they’re not true? It’s like he believes the internet comes with some kind of Google-blocking option that kicks in every time he decides to tell a lie.

This is a man who falsely claimed he graduated from the University of Georgia—and then falsely claimed that he didn’t falsely claim to have graduated from the University of Georgia. He also claimed to be valedictorian at a high school that had no valedictorians until well after he graduated.

He also claimed to be the founder of a charity for veterans andnope, he wasn’t.

His claims of business success have been contradicted by court records. Health products he’s promoted have been proven to be faulty to the point where he had to admit they weren’t backed by medical science. Hell, this man claimed he knew of some magic mist one could spray in a doorway that would “clean you from COVID as you walk through.”

Now, the GOP’s new favorite Black friend is out here claiming he was once in law enforcement—which, of course, he never was.

But why though?

“I worked in law enforcement, so I had a gun,” Walker told a U.S. Army audience, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In 2017, he specifically said, “I work with the Cobb County Police Department.”

Bruh, does Walker not think the Cobb County Police Department keeps personnel records? Because—and I don’t want to blow Hershels already-hanging-on-by-a-thread mind on this—but the department told AJC that it has no record of Walker ever working there. 

AJC noted that walker’s campaign claimed he was “an honorary deputy” with the Cobb County Sheriff’s office, and while the office couldn’t even confirm whether that was true, it really doesn’t matter because THAT S*** DON’T MAKE HIM A COP!

Walker could have gotten some medical board to make him an honorary doctor, but that doesn’t mean he can just grab a scalpel and start going to town on surgery patients.


As recently as 2019, Walker also told an audience, “I spent time at Quantico at the FBI training school. Y’all didn’t know I was an agent?”

Walker has never been an FBI agent. His campaign said he spent a week at an FBI school in Quantico, but a week does not an agent make. (He couldn’t have been an agent anyway, since agents are required to have college degrees, and Walker doesn’t have one, even though he’s claimed otherwise.)

I mean, is this man’s name even Herschel? Is this y’all’s sunken place king?


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