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Its sucks that there’s no magic word for us! It sucks that we can’t call somebody a ‘cracker’ and then all of a sudden, we’re on every channel being forced to apologize while crying like a newborn and watching our Google relevance skyrocket. What also sucks—and probably even more—is that we’re expected to be so Pavlovian every time somebody does insult us. How we’re supposed to leap up and snap and bark and growl at our enemies, real and perceived, because they called us the N-Word or nappy headed hoes or reminded a crowd that came to laugh and enjoy themselves how years ago, we’d have been hanging from trees or something.

And we do have to do that. That is real. You get lax even for a second and people think you’ve gone to sleep and that they can just come and start to brutalize you and you’ll be indifferent to it. It’s horrible to have to be vigilant against hate. One would imagine that the shoe would be on the other foot. In a rational world, the people that had stolen this continent and enslaved an entire race would never be able to sleep comfortably.

But… whatever. If you truly ‘can’t knock the hustle’—and most of us will agree that you can’t—then we shouldn’t be surprised that since everyone seems to know the formula, whenever some lame white celebrity’s career is on the wane or whenever someone feels the need to be interesting or just wants to ‘put themselves back out there’ as the saying goes, we can expect our community to get blasted by some rhetoric 50 years past its prime.

Good job John Mayer! Now you’re known for more than dating Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson! Now you’re known as a racist!

It’s too bad your music sucks. You might have been known for that.

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