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Behind the scenes at Sesame Place

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B‘Ivory LaMarr, the attorney representing the family of the little Black girls who were ignored at Sesame Place, has revealed more details behind the shocking incident.

During an interview with TMZ Wednesday, LaMarr told the outlet that one of the little girls who interacted with Rosita at the Sesame Street-themed amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, has been traumatized by the incident. She’s now isolating herself with her grandmother and close family to stay away from the public eye and recover.

According to LaMarr, the little girl has been crying uncontrollably since her heartbreaking encounter with the Rosita performer. Following the incident, the adorable child asked her mother why she was treated differently from the other children at the park after the character refused to interact with her.


The Family is now seeking therapy for one of the girls

In the eye-brow-raising video shared by one of the children’s mother over the weekend, the Rosita character can be seen giving high fives to a few white children during the parade, but when she approaches the Black children, the performer seemingly shakes her head “no” and keeps walking past the young tots.

The family is now seeking therapy for the distressed child.


According to ABC News, one of the little girls was celebrating their 4th birthday with friends when the startling incident occurred.

“Their hearts were completely shattered by a character and tickets are not cheap. This is something these young girls were looking forward to. Words can’t describe the type of grief they are going through right now,” LaMarr added.

A petition has reportedly been created to ID the performer inside the Rosita costume, to seek accountability for the unjustifiable incident. The family may also pursue legal action against the park. A press conference will be held at Sesame Workshop, the non-profit behind Sesame Place in NYC, to discuss the matter.

Jodi Brown, the mother of the birthday girl, said she was happy that the video went viral.

“These are innocent children. And the job of the character is to bring joy to the kids,” she shared during an interview with ABC News. “I also think that a lot of parents, as you can see in the other videos that are now released, have went through a similar thing and just didn’t speak up about it right away. So now they have the courage to say ‘hey, this also happened to my child.”

Sesame Place has since apologized for the Rosita performer’s misconduct and will now issue bias training for employees to deliver an “inclusive, equitable, and entertaining” experience for parkgoers.


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