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Here’s why racism makes no sense: if left unchecked, it can obscure self-interest. For example, we all stand aghast at those mad citizens that suddenly pray for American sorrow just because a Black man is president. Similarly, I’d have been crazy to be pulling for LeBron or D Wade or Kevin Durant in last night’s NBA all-star game just because they’re Black like me. I had a more specific self-interest to look out for. We had a Knick in this year’s all-star game!

David Lee, in his 5th year out of the University of Florida, is currently averaging 20ppg to go along with 11.4rpg. Lee has improved his scoring average every season since being drafted and he is the one New York Knick that is deservedly excluded from any trade talks.

Of course, I had to apply a little bit of self-administered racial back-patting just so that I could cheer more easily for my pale hero. I had to remind myself that it was the much maligned Isiah Thomas that brought our great, white David Lee to New York. Thomas’ taking Lee with the 30th and final pick of the first round in the 2005 NBA draft secured the guy for us. David Lee is the first Knick to make an all-star team since we had both Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell on the East’s squad in 2001.

David Lee is the best player on the New York Knicks—and I’m a fan of Nate Robinson. We’d have been a playoff contender this year if those idiots D’Antoni and Walsh had taken Brandon Jennings with the 8th pick instead of Jordan Hill. Brandon Jennings, taken by the Milwaukee Bucks with this year’s 10th overall selection, should win the Rookie of the Year award (if Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans doesn’t). Jordan Hill barely gets off the bench.

Yes, I am a Knicks fan and the minute you finish laughing realize this: next year, we might get LeBron James. In the meantime, we still have David Lee.

Notes from around the game: Why did Usher perform? Who came up with the Bloods vs. Crips version of the uniforms with the Western all-stars wearing red and the Eastern all-stars wearing blue? Doesn’t one team normally wear white? Expect Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban to be fined for saying that this year’s all-star game will make last week’s Super Bowl “look like a Bar Mitzvah.” I’m sure they’re something racist about the way that Black men are being used in those Old Spice commercials and I intend to find out what it is as soon as I can stop laughing. By sitting out with a (wink! wink!) injury, Kobe was trying to be as cool as Kanye at last year’s BET Awards. You ain’t hurt, punk! I saw Gabrielle Union in the crowd! She was with some other chick, I think Carmelo Anthony’s fiancé Lala Vazquez. Shakira was ok. Why did Alicia Keys sing a retooled Empire State of Mind II in Dallas? Makes me wanna wear a Barack Obama T-shirt to a gathering of Tea Party Patriots. The Eastern Conference won the game 141-139. Dwyane Wade was named MVP.