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One thing about Lizzo’s fans: They do not play when it comes to her, and they recently proved their loyalty even more to the starlet when they jumped in to defend her from harsh remarks from comedian Aries Spears.

Earlier this week, the comedian took some very personal and disrespectful shots at Lizzo related to her weight and appearance, but Twitter wasn’t having it and rushed to defend the “Truth Hurts” singer en masse. It all started when clips of Spears’ interview with “The Art of Dialogue” surfaced online where the comedian was seen mocking Lizzo’s appearance and weight. He went on to say that the praise that she receives is “a**-backwards” while adding that “if people really cared, they’d send a different message to these same stars (like Lizzo) … one that’s a bit more health-conscious and honest.”

The irony is that it wasn’t too long ago when Spears was pleading with “all the people out there that eat right, get in shape” to help him address his own weight and health concerns. More on that in a bit.

After the mean clips surfaced online, Twitter rushed to Lizzo’s defense, using the platform to express their disappointment and discontent with Aries Spears’ comments, especially since they were made by a Black man and related to a Black woman.“I’m really blown away that Aries Spears had the big mouthed audacity to attack Lizzo for being fat. He’s a fat Black man encouraging us to weaponize fatphobia against Lizzo, the math just ain’t mathing,” one Twitter user wrote on the platform.

While another Tweeted, “The vileness that Lizzo is subjected to just for existing. It breaks my heart”

Lizzo hasn’t commented on the matter as of right now but based on the support she’s receiving online, it looks like she doesn’t have to because her fans are reading the comedian for filth!

Back in 2019, Spears filmed himself in a video acknowledging how women, in particular, would call him a “fat black ugly n*gga” and mock the dark circles under his eyes. On the video, Spears also said he suffered from Type 2 diabetes, a condition associated with being overweight that disproportionately affects Black people.

“I wanna really try for 2020 to get my shit right,” Spears said on the video in relation to his health.

In other words, as Lizzo’s defenders and other critics have said, Spears is probably the last person who needs to be talking about Lizzo’s weight and health.

The bottom line is, that Lizzo is a beautiful Black woman who deserves respect, period, and her body confidence is something that we all love to see!

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