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 Black Man Saves Elderly White Woman From Tragic Fall

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An elderly white woman in Georgia took to her social media page to tell the world a young Black man saved her life. Now that post has gone viral and their story has touched the hearts of folks all over the world.

On Monday, retired Columbus teacher Barbara Kimbro, 88, headed to the Circle K station on Miller Road to get some gas for her car. After she finished at the pump, Kimbro headed into the store to get her receipt but left her walker in her car. When she tried to step up onto the curb, she lost her balance and began to fall backward. 

JaQuan Sanks, 27, who was also headed to get his gas receipt, saw Kimbro as she was falling and swopped in to catch her. 

“I knew I was a goner,” Kimbro said on her Facebook page. “When- OUT OF THE BLUE, A young man threw his arms around my body and caught me FROM FALLING!!!! I will NEVER-EVER FORGET THAT YOUNG MAN AS LONG AS i live!! I deeply think he SAVED MY LIFE, because I think I would have cracked My skull! JaQuan Sanks is my hero! I bought him a tank of gas! Small payment for saving my life!!”

Sanks, who works at Packaging Corporation of America in Opelika, told L-E he wasn’t thinking about being a hero, he just did the right thing. 

“I just noticed this lady walking up the curb,” said Sanks. “When I saw she started to fall, I thought, ‘That’s not going to be OK.’ My body wouldn’t let her hit the ground. I was just 3 or 4 feet away. So I guess I used my high school football skills. I didn’t look at it as saving her. I just did the right thing.”

After Kimbro thanked Sanks for saving her from what could have been a tragic fall, she paid for his gas and the two took a selfie, which Kimbro then posted on her Facebook page. She also posted her story with two photos of Sanks pumping gas and throwing up the peace sign. The post has generated over 5,000 likes and was shared almost 1,500 times. Their selfie also went viral with almost 3,000 likes and over 200 shares. 

“Just seeing a young Black guy, my demographic, and her being so comfortable with each other, based on that picture… it shows the gratefulness she has,” Sanks told L-E.

Since the incident, the two have become friends and said they’ve talked about visiting schools to show children the importance of helping one another, regardless of race, age, and gender. 

 “I guess it was meant for me and Miss Barbara to put more into the world, said Sanks during his interview with L-E. “We’re going to keep that relationship and bond and build off it. I know God put me with Miss Barbara for a reason.”


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