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Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene

Source: Columbus County Sheriff’s Office

Now-former Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene—who was caught on tape saying he’s “sick of these Black bastards, in reference to Black law enforcement officials (among a slew of other blatantly racist statements)—resigned earlier this week from his job during a hearing that would have decided whether he should be removed from office anyway. I mean, Greene’s attorney literally announced his resignation just before the first witness was set to be called to the stand. It’s almost as if he was afraid witnesses were going to testify that he wanted to stray some kind of “Black-away-contaminant around his office that would disappear all of his Black employees and colleagues.

Well, now, the former head bigot in charge appears to be claiming that his resignation was just a strategy to ensure he could continue his campaign for reelection as the sheriff of Columbus County, North Carolina.

Here’s Greene’s full statement, which was reported by WETC 6:

“Due to my love for Columbus County and to spare my fellow citizens along with my family and friends the ordeal and spectacle of a long trial, I resigned as Sheriff of Columbus County for the term elected in November 2018 effective this morning.

The allegations in the State’s Petition and Amended Petition are not true. They were politically motivated.

Weaponizing the courts to attack, smear, or ruin those whom we disagree with politically is wrong. Political disagreements should be settled by the voters.

This has been a humbling experience. I am sincerely sorry for the disrespectful and insensitive words that have offended my friends, colleagues, and fellow citizens. I ask for forgiveness.

‘As it is written in James 4:6, ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’

There are two weeks left before the election, early voting is in progress, and there is a move afoot to usurp the votes of law-abiding citizens. I cannot afford to spend the next week fighting in a courtroom while we are in the middle of an election to preserve our freedom.

I’m still running for Sheriff of Columbus County in the November 8, 2022 election. I am running to make Columbus County better and safer for ALL our citizens.

I humbly ask for your vote, support, and prayers. Thank you. Jody Greene.

Also pray for the ones who trespass against me.”

First of all, let’s make one thing clear: Only white people think racism is a “political” issue.

Greene wasn’t on the verge of getting the boot from his post because of politics, people wanted him gone because he was allegedly caught in a recorded phone conversation “saying sick of these black bastards” and that he’s “going to clean house” of those “Black bastards,” because “every Black that I know, you need to fire him…”

It’s also unclear how Greene figures he’s being “smeared” when he posted a statement on the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page admitting that he used racist language.

And as for that last part, where he’s asking his supporters to “pray for the ones who trespass against me”—bruh, please. Greene better make sure that cross he’s trying to hoist himself up on isn’t burning in some Black family’s front yard first. 

Anyway, Sammy Hinson, the chairman of the Columbus County Republican Party, told WETC, predictably, that the party has “ no plans to ask him to withdraw his candidacy.”

“Our plans are for him to win and win big,” Hinson said. “The voters will decide based upon his performance as sheriff, not special interest groups from outside our county with an agenda.”

I feel like conservatives just really like using the word “agenda.”

Again, Greene isn’t being persecuted for his political beliefs. We just don’t want demonstrable racists staying in positions of power. It’s as simple as that. If keeping racists out of law enforcement is what Republicans consider an “agenda,” that says more about them than it does about their opponents.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Jon David, who filed the petition to have Greene removed as sheriff, basically said Greene can run for reelection all he wants, but if he’s elected, there will still be a motion to have him removed.

“The charges in the Petition and the Amended Petition to Remove are not matters that can be cured by today’s resignation of his current term,” David told WECT after Greene resigned. “These allegations speak through time and are disqualifying to anyone seeking to hold the high office of sheriff. Should Greene be successful in the November election, my office would have an ethical obligation to file, and will file, a new Petition to Remove Greene from that term of office based on the allegations alleged in the current Petition to Remove.”


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