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So I’m reading along as this white supremacist site disses me when one of those inbred morons writes something that’s actually valid.

It was in response to my appraisal of the movies Avatar and District 9. I had sort of suggested that whites in Africa should always be viewed as aliens or invaders. I felt the same way about white people here in America. I always thought that the only place in the world where the white man should be boss is Europe. If I’d been walking around wearing a burqa in France and the white people started to complain, I’d have taken it right off. Evident of my low station in American life however is the fact that I’ve refused to abide by the commandments of the hypocritical slave owners that wrote “we hold these truths to be self-evident…” blah, blah, blah.

Forgive the brief aside but, ‘land of the free’? Please. If this were truly the ‘land of the free’, right now I’d be riding around without a seatbelt, lit blunt in one hand, gun on the dashboard, an open bottle of Jack in my lap and a hooker in the passenger seat.

Now, back to the good folks that think whites are somehow superior despite not having an NFL single-season rushing leader since 1956.

“Robert”, whose avatar is a seated grim reaper, posted this:

Negroes always claim that Whites have no right to live in Africa or that we are usurpers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if the ‘out of Africa’ theory is correct, Whites have just as much right to the African continent as anyone else (spacing corrected, context repaired and punctuation fixed).

How could I argue with that?

The second country mentioned in the bible is Ethiopia. The remains of “Lucy”, the being that scientist describe as the first human, were found in Ethiopia. Even Charles Darwin called Africa “the cradle of humankind”.

So white people; you do have a right to Africa!

We’re brothers after all.

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