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Earlier this month, a white American couple was charged in Uganda with the “aggravated torture” of a 10-year-old boy who is one of the couple’s three Ugandan foster children. According to prosecutors, as of Tuesday, the couple is facing an additional charge of aggravated child trafficking which carries the death penalty.

According to Reuters, Nicholas Spencer and his wife, Mackenzie Leigh Mathias Spencer, have been in custody in Uganda since December 9 and have pleaded not guilty to the charge of aggravated torture regarding the Ugandan child who was living in their home in the capital Kampala.

From Reuters:

The new charge sheet seen by Reuters on Wednesday showed the couple have additionally been charged with “aggravated trafficking in children”. They have yet to enter a plea on that.

A lawyer for the couple, who was not identified, was quoted by Ugandan newspaper the Monitor as dismissing the case as a “fishing expedition” by authorities, saying they had no evidence. She was quoted as saying the new charge “doesn’t make sense”.

Prosecutors accuse the couple of having recruited, transported and kept the child through “abuse of position of vulnerability for purposes of exploitation”, according to the charge sheet.

The new charge was read out to the couple on Tuesday when they appeared in a magistrate’s court but they were not allowed to make a plea as the case can only be heard at the High Court, Jacquelyne Okui spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office told Reuters on Wednesday.

All I’m going to say about this, my friends, is that when white people from the Western world start rushing to adopt Black children from the continent (or anywhere, really), my Get Out senses start tingling. That isn’t to say that all white adoptive parents of Black people are as evil and unhinged as, say, the white women in California who drowned themselves in their car along with their six adoptive, mostly black children, but these cases coupled with global systemic racism will always raise plenty of Black eyebrows. We just don’t trust it.

Anyway, according to Okui, the Spencers are currently being detained and a date for them to appear in the High Court to plea to the new charge has yet to be determined.


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