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Alright, folks, we’re here at the Twitter Arena for another WWHE (Wild Waffle House Encounters) fight night and, boooooy, this one was intense.

A brawl between patrons and employees at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas, (per Reddit) has left spectators stunned as one employee, in particular, was serving combos that were clearly not on the menu.

Let’s take a look at the highlights.

The footage begins with a Waffle House staff member telling a group of patrons to leave the establishment. It’s unclear why, but if I were to guess, I’d say the patrons got revved up over their orders not coming in a timely manner. All I know is if you can get your food in under an hour and a half at a crowded Waffle House, your meal is probably not going to slap. Remember folks, if there isn’t a single cook with a Black & Mild hanging off his bottom lip while he shouts and cusses about not having a smoke break in the last two hours, you might as well leave and find the nearest IHOP.

Anyway, the standoff between the group of customers and workers quickly devolved into customers climbing up on the table and counter tops and a coffee pot being thrown across the counter by an employee prompting at least two Black women to form a tag team and face off against staffers. But they didn’t appear to be ready for their mightiest foe—Karen from the Block. (In this instance, I only call her a “Karen” because her fists were furiously dialing 911 all over her opponent’s face.)

One brawler from the patron’s group tried to climb up on the counter like it was the top belt of a wrestling ring, but she lost her footing and slipped down to the floor, likely because she forgot that any Waffle House worth eating keeps a thin layer of grease on all table surfaces. Either way, it was a bad move for the clumsy customer because it ended in her getting scattered, smothered and chunked like the hash browns she was probably impatiently waiting on before the royal rumble started.

At some point in the brawl, referees from both the patron and employee sides try to break things up and things slowly tried to calm down when—wait for it—IN COMES THE CHAIR!!!

Once again, we really have to give it to Karen-ain’t-Carin’ because when a chair was thrown at her from outside the ring…err…cooking area, she deflected it with ease like she had just got done colonizing Wakanda and came away with a vibranium forcefield strapped to her arm. This was clearly not her first Waffle House rodeo, folks.

Again folks, when the Waffle House displays this level of pure unadulterated ratchetness, you just know the food is excellent. Just know your order might come with a side of scrambled hands if you don’t act right.



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