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A viral video of a "kids party" show young children posturing with guns and cash while singing along with explicit rap lyrics.

The latest viral "Karen" video was recorded in a Walmart and shows a white woman worker falsely accusing Black customers of having "drug money" and treating the store like a "playground."

A video shows a Karen using racial slurs against Black women after getting beat up over her racial attacks.

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Texas Southern University is investigating after a viral video showed a tuba player in the HBCU's marching band punching a fan at a football game against Jackson State University.

A white woman named Jeanne Umana, of Santa Barbara, California, was arrested and charged after she was caught in a "Karen" video racially harassing Luis Cervantes.

Houston security guard David Tupper was recorded while hurling racist slurs at Denishia Lewis over a traffic incident. Now he's under investigation.

A viral video shows "JetBlue Karen" accuse Black flight attendants of denying the woman alcohol because she's white. Yes, she got kicked off.

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Rep. Virginia Foxx had her "Karen" moment.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to her charge in the RICO indictment for attempting to overturn the Georgia election.

"Iā€™m doing it for a reason,ā€ he said while denouncing the criminal charges against him.

It's not the same and there are obvious differences.

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A viral video of Ron DeSantis fidgeting and rubbing his nose and face at a New Hampshire campaign event has social media debating "what is wrong with him."