Gross! A viral video shows white women fighting inside a freshly used porta-potty at a Morgan Wallen concert at the Pittsburgh Pirates' stadium, PNC Park.

Howard University has created a "layered" safety plan following Sunday's vicious melee that broke out in front of the student dorms.

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A WWE-style fight broke out between employees and patrons in Texas.


A huge fight results in repercussions.


People seem to be selling the fast food item on the side.

The student was charged with criminally negligent homicide following a fight between her and Joyner-Francis, as well as two other 16-year-old girls, who also have not been named because they are juveniles.


The victim was jumped in the bathroom around 8:15 a.m. Thursday. She was found in critical condition and rushed to the A.I DuPont Hospital for Children by helicopter. A short time later, she died from her injuries.

With Easter just days away, it looks as though someone has upset the holiday's favorite bunny.

A Black teenager from Oklahoma decided to defend herself - violently - after she was called a racial slur by a White teen.

During the brawl, school worker and basketball coach Marcus Cruz is heard saying, "let them fight."

Birmingham, Ala. Mayor William Bell and Councilman Marcus Lundy were involved in a fistfight during a city council meeting on Tuesday morning.