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Sinzae Reed, 13-year-old shot and killed by white man who was released without being charged by police

Source: Family handout

The October shooting death of 13-year-old Black child Sinzae Reed in Columbus, Ohio, has regained national attention after the story went viral late last month. It turns out, a lot of people want to know how a 36-year-old white man, Krieg Butler, can shoot down a Black teen—allegedly in front of witnesses—flee the scene, get arrested at his home and charged with murder, only to have the charge dropped a week later because according to Columbus authorities, he claimed self-defense.


It’s not just people on social media who are bringing more attention to the case and demanding action from law enforcement. According to ABC 6, protesters gathered outside the Franklin county prosecutor’s office Thursday to demand justice for Sinzae and answers as to why his killer is walking around free.

“We’re coming out here because the only way to get justice for Sinzae is to put pressure on people that shouldn’t have to have pressure put on them,” said local activist DeJuan Sharp.

From ABC:

The case continues to gain attention across the country. Protestors are demanding the Franklin County prosecutor resign.

“We have to continuously push the system forward in order to get what we need,” Ramon Obey said.

Emotions continue to run high over the October shooting death of Reed. The group of protestors outside the Franklin County Courthouse told ABC 6 that they are demanding accountability.

“That’s why we’re here. we’re tired. We’ve waited and we’ve been waiting. We’ve done everything by the book,” Sharp said.

Meanwhile, the Columbus Division of Police has released a statement addressing the community’s concerns regarding the case, but the lengthy statement doesn’t offer any new information and only appears to cover two key points: We’re working on it, and it’s not our call.

Here’s the full statement, according to WBNS:

“On October 12, 2022, the Columbus Division of Police responded to 832 Wedgewood Dr. on a shooting, where officers found 13 year old, Sin’Zae Reed suffering from gunshot wounds. Officers rendered aid until Mr. Reed was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Columbus Police Detectives interviewed numerous witnesses and filed murder charges on Krieg Butler on October 13th, 2022. Mr. Butler was ultimately arrested and slated in the Franklin County Jail.

During the Homicide review of the investigation, there was an allegation made by Mr. Butler that he acted in self-defense. The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, upon learning of this information, dismissed the charges against Mr. Butler pending the completion of the investigation. The Columbus Division of Police does not dismiss charges. We continue to investigate the circumstances of Mr. Reed’s death with the help of outside entities and are still awaiting key forensic and ballistic evidence.

Once the investigation is complete, we will submit the packet to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, who will determine whether to present to the Grand Jury.

We are aware of the community’s concerns regarding the investigation and want to ensure the community that this investigation is far from over. The detectives assigned to the case are working diligently to present a complete and thorough investigation to the Franklin County Prosecutor. We ask for patience during this time. Once we are able to provide more information, we will. We have promised transparency and will continue to provide information when it can be released.”

Sinzae’s mother, Megan Reed, has set up a GoFundme to raise money to seek justice for her son.


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