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What are we to make of a Black woman who is both anti-Black and anti-woman?

Or maybe a more direct question: Why TF is Candace Owens still a thing?

Recently, Owens took an apparent break from being an edgeless warlord against Black culture and pro-Black civil rights movements to take aim against women entering the workforce, because, apparently, when she gets bored of being a MAGA mammy for white nationalism, she uses her platform to resurrect trending topics from 1940.

“Do you guys think we’re a distraction?” Owens asked her followers in regard to women in the workplace. She went on to say that “the more I thought about it—’yeah, we kinda are a distraction.'”

“Things have gotten worse at work since women joined,” she claimed. “Since women joined the workforce, I think that men are having to deal with all these landmines everywhere.”

OK, so, first of all, women began entering the workforce as early as the late 1800s and the number of professional women surged significantly between 1930 and 1950. During the late ’70s, “the percentage of women of childbearing age with a child under the age of 1 in the workplace rose dramatically, from 20 percent to 62 percent,” according to the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

In other words: Candace Owens has literally never lived during a time when women weren’t common in the workplace. How TF would she know if things have gotten better or worse? (Not that there’s any point in citing historical facts to a person who doesn’t think abortion existed during slavery.)

What’s even more telling is Owens’ reasoning for how working women have made things worse in the workplace—because, predictably, it was 100% centered around how it affects men. 

It turns out those “landmines” she referred to were all about men being tasked with the laborious demand that they restrain themselves from either directly or indirectly sexually harassing women whom they work with. Basically, Owens is parroting an anti-Me Too-era claim that men are too anxious to speak to their female coworkers for fear that they might say something inappropriate—which is odd since literally all working women have ever demanded is that they are approached and treated with the same degree of professionalism that male coworkers afford their other male colleagues. 

So, the workplace hasn’t become worse because women are constantly having to grapple with sexual harassment and otherwise inappropriateness on the part of the men they work with—it’s because men now have to navigate their tendencies to treat professional women poorly and, instead, behave themselves and treat their female colleagues as equals. The horror.

Also, doesn’t Candace Owens technically have a job? Is she not currently working as a broadcaster—a field that is historically and traditionally dominated by men? It’s almost as if Candace is an absolute fraud who just says things for clout to invigorate her largely white and conservative audience.

But even if she’s being sincere, it’s like—has there ever been another Black woman who was this eager to be subjugated both by white people and men? I’m just saying, the self-loathing is deep with this one. 


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