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From CNN:

John Gaeta received a letter of apology this week from the man who shot him point-blank in the neck at a Louisiana mall in 2002.

The shooter was Lee Boyd Malvo, the younger half of the so-called D.C. sniper team that terrorized the Southeast and the nation’s capital that year. Malvo is serving a life sentence. His mentor in crime, John Allen Muhammad, was executed in November.

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Though Gaeta, 58, has heard since 2006 that Malvo admitted shooting a man in Hammond, Louisiana, it wasn’t until last month that he received confirmation from a pair of Hammond police officers.

Then came Malvo’s succinct letter, dated February 21, which arrived on Monday.

“Mr. Gaeta,” it read. “I am truly sorry for the pain I caused you and your loved ones. I was relieved to hear that you suffered no paralyzing injuries and that you are alive. Sincerely, Lee Boyd Malvo.”

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