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I think I’ve finally figured out why Black white nationalist Jason Whitlock has taken on the role of commander-in-white-racist-protection. I believe I understand why wherever there’s a white man being accused of using racial slurs, Whitlock is there sporting his favorite cape and ready to leap tall cylinders of white tears in a single bound in order to shield a Caucasian from an onslaught of anti-bigot bullets.

I think Jason Whitlock has actually completely forgotten that he’s Black.

On Wednesday, Whitlock declared on his show Fearless With Jason Whitlock that if he were an NFL team owner, he would “think twice, three times, four times, five times before drafting a Black quarterback because of what the media will do.”

His general point appears to be that if he recruited a Black quarterback it would up the likelihood that he would be accused of racism if things didn’t go well with said Black quarterback. It’s almost as if, even in his wildest daydreams, Whitlock sees himself as a white man.

“This has nothing to do with the player, this has to do with what the media will do to that player,” Whitlock continued. “With Daniel Jones, if he succeeds or fails, if they cut him a year from now, two years from now, no one’s gonna call him a ‘victim,’ no one’s going to cape up for him. You can do whatever you want to a White quarterback. When it comes to a Black quarterback, if you don’t meet his every whim and demand you run the risk of being called a ‘racist,’ and I wouldn’t want that hassle if I’m an NFL owner. I wouldn’t want the hassle of the whole media— ‘oh, my God, you gotta pay him X, Y, and Z’… They only do this for Black quarterbacks, and I would just avoid the hassle of it and go find me a White one so that if I want to mistreat him, I can mistreat him. If I want to treat him well, I can treat him well. You don’t have that freedom [with a Black quarterback].”

There’s a lot of self-loathing stupidity to unpack here.

First, let’s start with the fact that rejecting a quarterback for any reason that is tied to his Blackness is racist. If you have a qualified quarterback who you’re rejecting solely because he’s Black, you are performing racism. It doesn’t matter what peripheral reasons you have to pass on Black quarterbacks besides skin color in and of itself. Whitlock is essentially advocating for an NFL where white franchise owners, including his imaginary self, routinely bar Black players from becoming quarterbacks because white men might be left vulnerable to allegations of racism, which is already a thing that happens and is bound to happen in a league that is nearly 60% Black at the player level (and only the player level). Again, Whitlock makes it his mission to protect whiteness at all costs, and it’s hard to imagine that can be the case for any other reason besides him seeing himself as a white man and one who would likely be accused of racism.

“The Baltimore Ravens, and not that they would ever state this publicly, but even behind the scenes they can’t say to the media ‘man, the guy hasn’t been available, he’s missed 10 of the last 22 games.’ You can’t even say that because, again, that would be ‘racist,'” Whitlock went on to say in an apparent reference to Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has requested to be traded from the Ravens due to the team owners not being “interested in meeting my value.”

“But if it was a White quarterback you could say ‘we agreed with his decision to sit out the playoff game but it didn’t play well in the locker room, and it raised some questions,’” Whitlock continued. “You can’t say any of it. Logic, reason, and facts have nothing to do when you’re dealing with a Black quarterback. I’m saying it sincerely, I wouldn’t want the hassle of dealing with all these Black people in the media, and all over social media that are going to frame me as a bad person if I don’t give Lamar Jackson, or whatever Black quarterback is the flavor of the month his every demand. ‘I’m good, give me a White quarterback.’”

First of all, a white team owner being accused of racism simply for mentioning how many games a Black quarterback has missed is not a thing that happens outside of Whitlock’s wannabe-white mind. Secondly, if Whitlock is sincere about dodging situations that would cause “Black people in the media, and all over social media” to “frame me as a bad person,” then he should quit his current job. It’s almost as if Whitlock is completely oblivious to what Black people think and say about him right now in real life. 

Again, if Whitlock’s alter ego, Jason White-lock, couldn’t handle discussions on racial bias in a predominately Black league, he shouldn’t have his imaginary job as an imaginary white franchise owner in the first place. But Whitlock identifies so easily with white fragility that he would ignore the racially coded language white NFL officials (and Deion Sanders) use when referencing Black quarterbacks.

But then again, if Whitlock was a white NFL owner who would do his best to sweep discussions on racism under the rug, he would be in good company.

NFL reporter Jim Trotter recently announced that he “was informed over the weekend” that his contract with the NFL Media Group “is not being renewed.”

It appears that Trotter got the axe for committing the cardinal Caucasian sin of making NFL commissioner Roger Goodell look silly during Super Bowl 2022 by asking him a simple-yet-relevant question: “Why does the NFL and its owners have such a difficult time, at the highest levels, hiring Black people into decision-making positions?”

From Deadspin:

Before he asked that, Trotter provided context about how most of the league’s franchises have had only one or zero Black coaches, how there still hasn’t been a Black majority owner, and the continued lack of diversity at NFL Media Group, where Black people are never, or are rarely in charge, of making decisions about a league that’s majority Black.

And at last month’s Super Bowl, Trotter again asked Goodell about the league’s lack of diversity.

“And yet a year later, nothing has changed,” Trotter said to the Commissioner after listing some facts. “James Baldwin once said, ‘I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do.”

So, Goodell, once again, looked visibly flustered as he fumbled around for an answer to Trotter’s question, which he clearly didn’t have. Next thing you know, Trotter and the NFL Media Group are parting ways.

So, maybe Whitlock is white…I mean, right? Maybe he just knows white people because it takes one to know one and that’s why he’d rather deal with racism by eliminating those who bring it up rather than actually deal with the racism. Just ask Colin Kaepernick.


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