YSL Defense Attorney Arrested In Court For Carrying Prescription Medicine



The arrest of Attorney Anastasios Manettas, a defense lawyer in the YSL case, took place on Thursday for carrying prescription drugs in court.

This high-profile RICO case, involving rapper Young Thug and 13 others, has been closely followed by the media since the start. Instances such as hacked computers showing inappropriate content, and an attorney telling the judge “that’s cap”—a slang term for dishonesty—have made this case even more interesting for the public to watch unfold. 

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In latest news, Manettas was arrested after the Fulton County Sheriff Deputies found prescription medicine in his possession. Officers were seen dragging him from the security checkpoint. The County Sheriff reported that drugs have been an issue throughout this trial and that the county is increasing its security protocol. 

Sources are also stating that the attorney threw his cell phone, hitting an officer.

“I asked him if he wanted to give me his cell phone, and he tries to toss it to me. Instead of it going my way, it goes to the officer standing to my right and taps her on the shoulder…It was an accident,” another attorney in the case states.

Many are viewing Thursday’s events and excessive use of force, saying that “they just wanted to make a spectacle out of it and teach him a lesson”.

Prosecutors have labeled YSL, Young Thug’s music label, as a criminal gang and charged him with a 65-count indictment alleging crimes ranging from murder and attempted armed robbery to conspiracy to violate the state Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Young Thug and 28 members of his YSL record label, including popular rapper Gunna, were arrested in May and charged with RICO-related offenses. 



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