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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens pose on the field prior to Game One of the 2022 World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on October 28, 2022, in Houston, Texas. | Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

Simone Biles might be experiencing matrimony bliss, but that won’t stop her from addressing the internet trolls who came for her wedding pictures. The Olympic champion married her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, this past weekend and shared a few images on her social media platforms.

Just one day after sharing her images with the world, the critics showed up in full force, commenting on Biles’ updo and her healthy and flourishing edges. And while we won’t post the negative comments, we will share the people who chose to uplift this queen and come to her defense.

Twitter user Cindy Noir wrote, “Simone Biles is one of THEE top gymnasts we’ve ever seen, has overcame situations of abuse and other obstacles in her childhood, has defined her own success and found love and is now happily married… And y’all worried about her hair…..?!”

To which Biles responded, “i think they also forget i live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics but they can keep complaining idc idc idc”


Here are a few of our favorite responses.

If the internet has taught us anything at all, it’s that everyone has an opinion. During a time when Biles should be celebrating a new chapter in her life, she’s responding to people tweeting from their grandmother’s basement. What a time to be alive.

Simone Biles’ hair isn’t the problem; it’s the people who constantly feel the need to critique people and their life decisions. Studies show that minding your business leads to a longer, healthier, stress-free life. We should all give it a try! Words hurt, and we’re not sure people realize the damage they do when they spew hate on the internet.

Sadly, this was far from the first time Biles has been the subject of [failed] public ridicule about her hair.

In 2017, a then 20-year-old Biles posted an innocent photo of herself in a Texans sweatshirt holding red pom-poms before she made her debut as an honorary Houston Texans cheerleader. The gold medalist expressed her enthusiasm for the event, and several folks posted positive encouragement. However, other people let their Twitter fingers take over in tearing Biles down about her hair not being slicked back into a bun.

One unfortunate tweet that went viral suggested that Biles may “need some Black friends” to help with her hair.

Biles skillfully clapped back at some of the commentators and shifted the focus to her feelings. She kindly reminded users of her humanity, saying that she had posed for the photo after having finished a four-hour practice with her hair in a bun.

just came straight from a 4 hour practice w/ my hair in a bun excuse my hair … hahah,” Biles tweeted with her signature grace and aplomb before directly calling out the haters in a subsequent tweet.

Of course, Biles is no stranger to criticism.

In 2021, comedian Michael Che was accused of really taking it there over comments posted to his social media mocking Biles that evoked anger from her fans and supporters. Che allegedly first posted to his Instagram Stories about the apparent urge he was feeling to “make fun of simone biles.” Che also allegedly posted that he had “like 3 minutes of simone biles jokes” and planned to perform them by himself in an apparent test run before engaging with and co-signing some of his followers who took his lead to make their own distasteful one-liners about the Olympic gold medalist.

There was even a so-called Simone Biles joke about Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor who was since been convicted of sexually abusing gymnasts, including Biles.

After a swift backlash, the Instagram posts were deleted.

However, screenshots of jokes being attributed to Che’s Instagram Stories were preserved on social media, where they made the rounds, resulting in growing anger at the comedian.

Che later claimed his Instagram had been hacked.

Just like with the above criticism about her hair, Biles remained the epitome of elegance to rise above the hatred.


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