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Tiger Woods and Erica Herman at the 2019 US Open in New York City. | Source: Gotham / Getty

Tiger Woods is speaking out after his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, filed a $30 million sexual harassment case against the golf legend, according to court documents.

The internationally renowned golfer allegedly pursued Herman sexually, then gave her the ultimatum of signing a non-disclosure agreement for the relationship or losing her job. 

She was hired at his South Florida restaurant (The Woods Jupiter) in 2014, and the two began dating in 2017. 

Once the relationship ended, “he tricked her into leaving her home, locked her out, took her cash, pets, and personal possessions, and tried to strong-arm her into signing a different NDA,” Herman’s team claims. She is using President Joe Biden’s 2022 Speak Out Act as a defense in the case. The law bans the pre-dispute non-disclosure and non-disparagement contract clauses involving sexual assault and harassment.

She previously first filed a suit against Woods in 2022, after their public split, for similar claims.

Tiger Woods denies all claims, saying that she is a “jilted ex-girlfriend”.

Further details on the case are pending.

According to Bleacher Report, Woods and his legal team filed a motion this week to dismiss Herman’s lawsuit.

From Bleacher Report:

The filing, which was obtained by Yahoo Sports, alleges that Herman willingly signed a nondisclosure agreement and agreed to settle any disputes through private arbitration. She is currently aiming to resolve the dispute in court.

“Ms. Herman’s response evinces a lack of understanding of the procedures to be followed at the upcoming hearing,” the filing stated. “… As the record plainly demonstrates, Mr. Woods has insisted at every opportunity that [Ms.] Herman is bound by the arbitration provisions of the NDA and has sought to enforce his rights thereunder.”

The claims came as Woods has been trying to reestablish himself in the sport of golf.

Last summer, Woods launched a golf league that intertwines sports and tech in collaboration with the PGA TOUR.  

Dubbed TGL, the league will intertwine live-action golf matches with advanced tech features, including a “data-rich” virtual course that encompasses a “tech-infused, short-game complex.” The newly created league will feature six teams that each include three PGA TOUR competitors.  

Woods, who co-founded TGL alongside fellow golf star Rory McIlroy, said the new league will transform the game of golf.

“TGL is the next evolution within professional golf, and I am committed to helping lead it into the future. Embracing technology to create this unique environment gives us the ability to move our sport into primetime on a consistent basis alongside so many of sports’ biggest events,” he shared in a statement. “As a big sports fan myself, I’m excited about blending golf with technology and team elements common in other sports. We all know what it’s like to be in a football stadium or a basketball arena where you can watch every play, every minute of the action unfold right in front of you. It’s something that inherently isn’t possible in traditional golf—and an aspect of TGL that will set it apart and appeal to a new generation of fans.”  


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