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Reverend Jeremiah Wright had an interview with the Washington Post this week. He talked about his relationship with President Barack Obama and said he probably wouldn’t talk to him till he left the White House. Here’s some excerpts from the interview.

It is unrealistic to think that one person can change the mess that this country has gotten into, but to pick on him is like picking on one of my kids,I have been knowing him for 20 years.

I have not stopped loving him because of what the press did, and to see him beat up on because of things he is not responsible for is painful.

He also said that the controversy around him, led to his daughter getting into a fist fight at Florida A&M University and blamed Fox News for disrupting the lives of his family.

The day I took Jamila to campus, Fox News was on the sidewalk taking my picture. My granddaughter got into a fistfight at FAMU [Florida A&M University] because people only know the press narrative about Jeremiah Wright, The press didn’t care what they did to my family. They ruined their senior year in high school. They were at the senior prom, the graduation, waiting on something to try to destroy Obama.


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