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Joshua Taylor, also known as CEO Teezy, was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon (June 14), members of Taylor’s family confirmed with ABC24.

Just one year earlier, Taylor was named a person of interest in the Young Dolph murder case. Taylor was also wanted on charges that include theft of property between $10,000 and $60,000, and possession of a prohibited weapon. Police are still searching for information on Taylor’s murder and a suspect has yet to be identified.

From the 2022 TMZ report:

Memphis PD announced Sunday two persons of interest in connection to the homicide — 26-year-old Devin Burns and 26-year-old Joshua Taylor … both of whom the cops say they are unable to locate, and need the public’s help in finding. Burns is described as 5’6″ at about 135 lbs. and Taylor’s a tad bit bigger … 6’6″ at 180 lbs. MPD says Burns has unrelated open warrants for his arrest — but both men appear to have posed for mug shots before. It’s unclear how or why exactly these two are suspected to be related to the murder — but cops say they want to sit down with them regardless.

Dolph, known for hit singles such as “Preach,” “Get Paid,” and more, was shot and killed inside of a cookie store in his hometown on Wednesday (November 17). He was 36 years old.

According to FOX 13 Memphis, the rapper visited Makeda’s Butter Cookies when someone pulled up to the store and opened fire. The shooting was the third attempt on the rapper’s life. In 2017, he was shot at over 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina but escaped any injuries.

Despite the untimely passing of Dolph, his memory lives on. In late 2021, a street in his hometown of Memphis was named after the slain rapper.

The efforts for the street-naming was spearheaded by City Councilman JB Smiley. While it was something Smiley wanted to do immediately after Dolph’s passing, he wanted to get the family’s approval to move forward with the gesture.

“It’s important for the city of Memphis to know that we’re going to celebrate our own,” Smiley told NBC. “We need to tell the story that he was investing in young people in our community. He came back to Memphis to give back. … It’s only right for the city of Memphis to do right by him.”

His family released the following statement ahead of the official ceremony. “He sent the message that someone who went to the same schools as them, and walked the same streets that they do, was able to not only create a successful legacy for himself, but also prioritized family and community” it read.


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