In an interview with Sirius Radio’s Mark Thompson, Reverend Wright, criticized the media scapegoating he went through during the election.

Concerning Obama’s victory, Wright said:

(It was a) mixed bag of being proud of him and being blessed to have lived

Revend Wright accused the media of using him as weapon of mass destruction to destroy Obama’s candidacy.

He also said that the negative press was particularly painful and that he:

never realized how that affects my family, what that does to my kids or my grandkids

He also blamed David Axlerod, Obama’s campaign director, for dis-inviting him to speak at Obama’s invocation.

Wright would blame both race and politics for his eventual split with Obama, saying:

He’s running for the presidency of the United States of America, which is a country where blacks are a minority. . . .To get the votes that he needs in electoral politics, he has to distance himself from me, because his support would dry up when certain parts of the constituency found out who I was

Wright would save his biggest criticism for some members of the black church, saying:

(they)rolled over and played dead while we in the black church continue to be hammered for who we are.

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