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Welp, apparently, Fox News has replaced Tucker Carlson with Tucker Carlson’s beta backup and fans of the white nationalist OnlyKlans network have a new white man to deliver them their daily dose of diluted hate speech from the pulpit of white grievances.

Meet Jesse Watters (because I assume you’re like me and had no idea who he was until now):

According to a Media Matters news release, Waters is “the new face of Fox News” and “a reflection of Fox’s dogged commitment to bigotry and deceit as well as an indication of their desperation to regain audience share.”

But, that’s likely just one editor’s opinion, right? Certainly, we can decide for ourselves based on the man’s own rhetoric whether he’s a reasonable conservative (some might call that an oxymoron—it’s me, I’m “some”) or a xenophobic blowhard with a passionate “America first” mentality and a tendency to say, “Americans” when he really just means “white people.”)

During Monday’s episode of Fox News’s The Five, Watters and the other four stooges of critical Caucasian commentary were discussing former President Barack Obama‘s remarks on the media coverage received by the submersible that imploded on its way to the Titanic wreck, and that of the migrant boat shipwreck in the Mediterranean, which received far less media attention despite the fact that it left hundreds of people missing.

This is a disparity that has also been discussed all over Black Twitter and by plenty of Black and/or left-leaning news sites. But, according to Watters, none of those people count because they’re simply not espousing an “American perspective.”

“When you are a citizen of the world, you always think about the world instead of the United States,” Watters said because only in the right-wing world of loud and white jingoism is “thinking about the world” a negative thing.

“Remember, this is a guy whose father has roots in Africa,” Carlson the D-movie sequel continued. “This is a guy who spent a lot of his childhood in Southeast Asia…and then spent a lot of time in Hawaii. Was that the last state to get a star on the flag? He’s never really looking at things from an American perspective.”

So, just to recap: Obama’s belief that the lives of hundreds of migrants should receive comparable news coverage to that of a handful of ultra-rich people represents an un-American perspective because his father (who did not raise him) is an African, he spent a lot of time outside of America, and then he spent a lot of time in a part of America that Watters, apparently, doesn’t think is American enough. (Maybe it’s because Hawaii was “the last state to get a star on the flag,” or maybe it’s because there are not enough white people there. I’ll let you decide.)

A quick and simple Google search would have informed Watters that Obama was addressing something that has been discussed for at least a week by Black Americans, people all over social media (many of whom are likely American), and various American news and blog sites.

So, basically, we have confirmed that Watters is Tucker Carlson’s Walmart variant and, when it comes to Fox News, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

By the way, Watters’ remarks got him dragged by people all over Twitter, many of whom were, again, likely American.

It’s no surprise that Obama was possibly the first American Watters had heard discuss a thing that had been widely discussed by Americans prior. White conservatives (and their POC puppets) virtually always assume they’re on the side of popular opinion and that they are the only real Americans. It isn’t new, and it certainly isn’t news.

But then, neither is Fox “News.”


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