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Apparently, the conservative group that fights for parents’ white fragility—sorry, parents’ rights—gathered for its annual conference in Philadelphia over the weekend. Some 700 members of the group affectionately referred to on social media as “Klanned Karenhood” were pandered to by Republican presidential candidates like Florida governor and crazed woke regulator Ron DeSantis, former president and federal defendant-in-chief Donald Trump, and racism-denying-but-also-Confederacy-loving former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley.

But since nobody is really surprised that some of the GOP’s most prominent white nationalist cult leaders were singing the praises of a MAGA mommy group that was named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center last month, it was the pandering by ABC News that seemingly caught the most condemnation by the fine folks on Twitter for referring to the QKaron tribe as “joyful warriors” who are “fighting back” as if the group’s members have been oppressed by anything besides their own absurd fear that learning about systemic racism and different gender identities will cause their children’s minds to implode.

Now, to be fair, ABC only mentioned that Moms of Liberty members refer to themselves as “joyful warriors,” but the author of the article did appear to go out of her way to make the group sound like a living Braveheart sequel fighting against the tyranny of*checks notes*—”gender ideology.”

From ABC:

They’re mad at their teachers, their principals, their president. And now they’re fighting back through school boards, local elections and — if they get their way — their next president.

This weekend’s Moms for Liberty conference showcases how local issues like education can have tremendous, galvanizing national influence, as Gov. Ron DeSantis, former President Donald Trump, and former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley tried to woo nearly 700 attendees of the over 150,000-member group Friday.

Several key breakout sessions at the center of the group’s mission, such as “Protecting Kids from Gender Ideology” and “Getting Flipped School Boards To Take Action” were kept behind closed doors, with media access barred. But still, the enthusiasm at open events was palpable, nearly bouncing off the ballroom walls.

Look, nobody is expecting ABC to call Moms of Liberty the white, fragile and queerphobic group of Kackling Karen Kadets that they are, but to validate them as heroic revolutionaries is pretty shameful, especially since there was no mention of the group’s history of trying to ban anything into oblivion if it irritates the delicate sensibilities of straight, cisgender white people who love America but hate its government, at least half its citizens and certainly its cultural melting pot.

It was a so-called liberty-loving mom who got Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem banned from a Florida school district because Gorman mentioned racial equality and gender identity affirmation. It was members of the group in Tennessee who launched anti-critical race theory complaints against Black history books that taught the civil rights movement era stories of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruby Bridges, proving, once again, that anti-CRT advocates largely have no idea what CRT is and are just applying it to literally anything involving race that makes white conservatives wag their white supremacist fingers.

Anyway, folks on Twitter did not pull any punches while going in on ABC News and other media outlets for normalizing the moms who really only want to liberate themselves from non-whitewashed reality.

Listen, if ABC and other media outlets want to get on their Fox News steez and start covering MAGA World cultists like they’re actual freedom fighters, that’s their business. But they should be prepared for people to drag them for it, because the only people who like white nationalist cheerleaders are, well, white nationalists.


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