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Google mixes up Luther Vandross and Master P

Source: Google screenshot / Google screenshot

If you happened to be looking up information on R&B legend Luther Vandross on Wednesday, you might have noticed something a bit off. You might notice the first image of the ’80s and ’90s hitmaker had him looking a bit different. Like he wasn’t quite himself that day.

It might even make you say, “Uggggh na-nah, na-nah, that ain’t him!”


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That’s right, good people, up until Thursday morning, an image of New Orleans rap extraordinaire Percy Robert Miller Sr. aka Master P aka NOT F—ING LUTHER VANDROSS was placed as the top image in the search for the “Endless Love” singer, and, well, obviously, Black Twitter was not having it.

We also had jokes. A LOT of jokes.

Listen: This isn’t like in 2019 when one could Google “Boondocks characters” and find a photo of Kanye West under the name “Uncle Ruckus.” That was almost as appropriate as it would have been if it were a photo of Clarence Thomas instead.

But P in place of Luther? Nah, these shenanigans need to stop “Here and Now.” Luther said, “Never too Much,” BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH!! (Although to be fair, Luther was clearly declaring that there was, in fact, no limit.)

This is also just plain disrespectful to the troops. Any true veteran of the U.S. military’s No Limit Soldier branch should feel insulted. I’m not even sure if Luther was “Bout it, Bout it” like that. I’m not sure if he had P’s hustle. I mean, in the same decade when Luther declared that “The Best Things in Life are Free,” Master P produced an entire movie and soundtrack called I Got the Hook-Up!

“A House is Not a Home” and a Percy is not a Luther—that’s all I’m saying. 

Anyway, the fine folks at Google eventually corrected the oversight, but one would hope safeguards are put in place so this won’t happen again. If I Google Aretha Franklin looking for that song I can never remember the name of, I’m not going to be happy if an image of Megan Thee Stallion is the first thing I see.

Do better, Google.

Also, please put a Clarence Thomas photo under Uncle Ruckus. I’d still be totally OK with that.


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