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Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election

Jacob Chansley screams “Freedom” inside the Senate chamber after the U.S. Capitol was breached by a mob during a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C. | Source: Win McNamee / Getty

Do y’all remember Jacob Chansley aka the QAnon Shaman? Chansley, the guy who participated in the Jan. 6 MAGAts Gone Wild rebellion at the U.S. Capitol and got big mad at then-President Donald Trump because Trump didn’t add him to his “Pardon All the Crime” playlist. (Honestly, he should’ve been thankful his white privilege got him moved to a jail where he could be provided with organic food as part of his “shamanic belief system and way of life.” In other words: “I’m a domestic terrorist in lockup and if I don’t get my grass-flavored Cup-o-Noodles, I’ll starve.)

Well, according to Newsweek, Chansley has been invited to speak at an Arizona College Republicans event on July 30, because, while conservatives pretend to be anti-crime, it appears that attitude doesn’t extend to criminally convicted Caucasian conservatives who attempted an overthrow of the U.S. government.

Oh, and do you know who’s also been invited to speak at this event? Loud and proud white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Y’all remember Fuentes, right? Fuentes, the Trump supporter who the GOP keeps trying to distance itself from—when they’re not turning up at his events, that is—because Fuentes is an unabashed bigot and Holocaust denier who called for a “white uprising” aimed at keeping Trump in office. 

Oh, and, apparently, Fuetes is also a groomer who wants to marry a minor, which is why Chansley is not very happy about sharing a stage with him.

“Ok, to start, WTF?” Chansley asked in a tweet accompanied by a video of Fuentes saying he wants to marry a 16-year-old when he’s 30 because “Right when the milk is good, I want to start drinking the milk.”

“When I agreed to speak at the AZ College Republicans United event I was not aware that I’d be sharing the stage with someone who wants a 16 year old wife,” the self-proclaimed shaman continued. “Should I back out? Or should I do the event & blow this schmuck out of the water & expose a false prophet?”

Later that day, he decided he wasn’t backing out of the pro-pedophile-QMoron-o-thon for conservative college kids who are presumably against*checks notes*—indoctrination in education. 

Of course, some have accused Chansley of still being “salty” because Fuentes told him he “smells bad” during the protest that preceded the Hallucinating Hick riot on Jan. 6. (To be fair, Discount Braveheart does look like he smells like burnt avocado toast and a bag of muskrats.)

Chansley, in one of his tweets, referred to himself as “a real Alpha male,” which either means he takes looking like he was raised by wolves way too seriously, or that he’s another small, insecure “red-pill” man-baby who believes himself to be the “alpha” leader of a pack, which is more myth than reality, but whatever. And now, the QIncel Shaman is up against a white supremacist who is basically a Law & Order SVU episode waiting to happen.

Oh, what to do about this MAGA-white-on-MAGA-white crime?


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