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10. Michigan 1993

Michigan is the only team on the list not to have won the Final 4. Still they made the Finals for two straight years only to be defeated by a veteran Duke team and by a savvy North Carolina team in the final minutes. The Fab 5 freshman would only play together for two years, but the team would produce three NBA all-stars in Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard.


9. 2007 Florida

With the wild haired reckless  energetic Joakim Noah and the talented Al Hortford the Gators had one of the best college front lines in recent memory. The Gators would win two straight NCAA Final Fours, turning the traditionally football oriented Florida University to a basketball power.

8. 1996 Kentucky

The 96 Wildcats might be the greatest Kentucky team of all time. The Wildcats went 34-2 and won the 1996 Fina Four Tournament winning by an average of 21 points. This team would send five players to the NBA including Antoine Walker, Tony Delk, and Derek Anderson.

7. 1989 Michigan

The 1989 Michigan team was full of talent. Four players would go on to the NBA. Point guard Rumeal Robinson and forward Glenn Rice would both be lottery picks and Rice would hold the record for points in the NCAA tournament.

6. 1984 Georgetown

Patrick Ewing was a defensive monster for Georgetown. Although he would take the Hoyas to the NCAA Finals, three times, he only won one NCAA championship. Along with fellow future NBA players, Reggie Williams and DAvid Wingate, Ewing would defeat Houston and Hakeem Olajuwon in the 1984 NCAA finals.

5. 1979 Michigan St.

Magic Johnson only played two years of college basketball but he made them two to remember. Magic Johnson would play against Larry Bird and Indian St. in the 1979 NCAA Finals in what still is the most watched college basketball game of all time. Magic would average 17 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists per game in his career at Michigan State.

4. 1982 North Carolina

With three future NBA all stars, North Carolina might have had the most individual talent on a college basketball team. The team would defeat Georgetown in the Finals due to a last second shot by a freshman by the name of Michael Jordan.

3. 1992 Duke

The Blue Devils had three excellent players in Grant Hill, Christian Laetner and Bobby Hurley and an excellent coach. They would win the NCAA tournament two years in a row and send three players to the NBA, turning the Duke basketball team into a franchise.

2. 1990 UNLV

The Running Rebels were excellent individual players but also played great as a team. They could probably have beat more than a couple of NBA teams. The UNLV team would dominate the tournament, eventually blowing out the Duke Blue Devils in the finals. UNLV players Larry Johnson, Stacy Augmon and Greg Anthony would all go to respectable NBA careers, while college standout Anderson Hunt never got a chance to play in the NBA.

1. UCLA 1968

When Kareem Abdul Jabar was Lew Alcindor, UCLA dominated basketball like no college team ever. Kareem was so good that the NCAA banned the dunk. Still he would average more than 26 points and 16 rebounds a game. During Kareem’s reign, the Bruins would lose only two games.