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The family of a Black woman who was found hanging from a tree is seeking answers after Orlando police initially described her death as a suspected suicide. 

According to reports, on Sept. 28, Orlando police found Yolna Lubrin, 31, hanging from a tree in a backyard near West Livingston Street and North Westmoreland Drive, which her family said was not her home. 

The Orange County medical examiner said Lubrin’s cause of death is still under investigation as no autopsy has been released but police believe the young Black woman died by suicide. 

“While all death investigations are predicated upon the existence of trauma to the body in order to determine a criminal act, our investigation has thus far not revealed any physical injuries other than the ligature marks on the neck caused by the hanging,” Orlando Police Department said in a statement. 

Authorities also pointed to a documented history of mental illness, witness statements and cell phone communications from Lubrin that they allege showed signs of suicide, but the family thinks someone else could have been responsible for her death and is demanding a transparent investigation into her death. 

During a press conference and rally on Wednesday, Naomi Lubrin, the older sister of Lubrin, demanded accountability and transparency from the Orlando Police Department in the investigation into her sister’s death. 

“My sister Yolna Ruth Lubrin did not commit suicide,” Naomi Lubrin said. 

She also explained that Yolna was a loving person who was loved and cared for. She was also their mother’s caretaker and believe her death is a mystery that needs to be solved. 

“No one has been able to stand and say, ‘Hey, let’s have a conversation with the family to get a different narrative,’” Naomi Lubrin said. “No one has been empathetic of our needs.”

Pastor Carl Soto, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Restoration Inc. also spoke during the press conference, pressing investigators about the facts and lack of information in her death. 

“She didn’t put herself there. Someone had to have put her there,” Soto said. “Investigate all individuals who lived or occupied the home of where Ms. Lubrin’s body was found.”

He continued, “Today we are calling out Chief Eric Smith, and we are urging him to have his department immediately rescind this allegation of suicide and thoroughly investigate all aspects of Mrs. Lubrin’s death.”

Soto also said that police overlooked evidence in their investigation, including her car which was found “severely vandalized with all the doors open,” and an alleged prior sexual assault.

We want to make sure that we make it loud and clear. We’re not just asking for the media awareness. We’re asking for a new investigation,” said Miles Mulrain, the founder of Let Your Voice Be Heard Inc.


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