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From the NY Post:

Now that’s service!

East Harlem pizza-delivery guy Assami Semde fought off a gun-toting punk — and still managed to deliver two piping-hot pies.

Semde, 19, was headed to the 25th floor at Taino Towers on East 123rd Street carrying two pizzas from a Famous Famiglia parlor last Friday when he was accosted in the hallway.

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Waiting for an answer at the door where he was to deliver the pies, Semde was cornered by two teens wearing hoodies and bandannas — and packing heat.

One of them “put a gun to my head and said, ‘Give me the pizza.’ ” Semde recalled. “I thought it was a strange game.”

The 6-foot-plus Semde put the pizzas on the ground, but, he said, when the gunman bent to get them, “I punched him and pushed him against the elevator.”

The other would-be thief joined the scuffle, but Semde got the best of them.

The gunman screamed and ran off, and Semde held the other teen, Albert Alvarez, until cops showed up, authorities said. Alvarez, 19, was arrested for attempted robbery, authorities said.

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