‘All Is Well’: Singer Bobbi Storm Addresses Viral Airplane Video

Sam Sylk Show Bobbi Storm interview

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Singer Bobbi Storm pulled through the Z1079 studios and sat down with Urban One’s very own The Sam Sylk Show With Bijou Star!

The two discussed Storm’s humble beginnings in music, what she has coming up next and, of course, her viral Delta Airlines moment!

When asked about her viral airplane incident, in which Storm almost missed a flight because of her singing before takeoff, she responded with grace. “Listen, I want to get off the guy”, she said. “Because I want him to prosper and all of that. All is well.”

The New York Times reported on the viral incident:

The singer, Bobbi Storm, posted a video on her social media accounts that showed her and a flight attendant calmly arguing because Ms. Storm wanted to sing on the plane before takeoff and the flight attendant wanted her to be quiet.

The video, which lasts about four minutes, was criticized online by those who accused Ms. Storm of being disruptive. But it was also celebrated by others, prompting Ms. Storm to post two more videos explaining what had happened and why she had chosen to sing.

“When we get to the end of a flight, we talk on phones, we talk to neighbors, sometimes we yell across the plane, so what’s the problem with asking people and them giving me the go, to share something that I’m proud of, something that God has done for me, with the rest of the world,” Ms. Storm said in one video.

Later on during the the radio interview, Storm offered to sing the same song that she was signing on the plane, her new single ‘We Can’t Forget Him’.

“You better sound just like the record!”, Bijou replied.

Early in the interview, Sam Sylk asked Storm about when she found out she was nominated for a Grammy.

I was in another interview, another radio interview,” Storm said. “We’ve been going all over from every single radio station that’s been playing the record and showing it love. Just want to have that one-on-one interaction. And I was in an interview and I got tagged on Instagram and I was like, what?”

I was in an interview and I got tagged on Instagram and I was like, what?”

Check out the full Bobbi Storm interview below, and be sure to catch Sam Sylk, Bijou Star and Kenya Brown Monday through Friday from 10 am-3 pm on WZAK!


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