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From CNN:

Miami, Florida– Four days after Haiti’s earthquake, a 2-month-old baby girl was brought to a field hospital barely alive, her skull fractured, her ribs broken, her pulse dangerously low.

Doctors at the makeshift hospital in Port-au-Prince knew the baby had only hours to live if they didn’t get her to a pediatric intensive care unit. Assuming she was an orphan — she’d been found in the rubble of an apartment building in the arms of a dead woman — they whisked her to a plane headed to Miami, Florida.

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They had no idea that back in Port-au-Prince, a couple named Nadine Devilme and Junior Alexis were frantically searching for their baby girl. The couple’s efforts to reunite with their daughter in the United States has been an odyssey of grief, legal entanglements, DNA tests and strength to persevere when it seemed all hope had been lost.

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