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Although the current recession has not been called a depression, some are already comparing President Obama’s stimulus success to that of Franklin Roosevelt during the great depression. Much like President Roosevelt, President Obama has taken the necessary measures to turn the economy around–and so far it’s working. Annual reports show the Dow Jones industrial average has risen over the last year under President Obama. Does this mean a full economic recovery is around the corner? We’ll just have to wait and see. -News One Staff

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From the Business Insider:

When Obama came into office, there was all sorts of handwringing about how his liberal policies would exacerbate the economic weakness, freak out investors, and tank the market. For the first few months it was dicey, but then things turned around. Big time.

Bespoke tabulates the first-year returns of the last several Presidents, and finds that Obama had the second best first-year return of the bunch. First place: FDR.

And we all know how the economy did for years after that.

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