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President-elect Obama has foreshadowed his agenda of temperance by naming cabinet appointments in the past few weeks. Rather than skewing heavily to conservative hawkish strategies or to more radical liberal changes, Obama has used his typically even-handed approach to staff the cabinet with potentially clashing opinions in the hopes that he will produce the best results. He has taken criticism before entering the Oval Office for keeping some of the military minds deemed accountable for the heretofore messy Iraq conflict. With that in mind, Obama will likely press his team of old dogs to theorize about new tricks as the neighboring countries of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan become more central to the war on terrorism.

As for domestic affairs, newly minted Attorney General selection Eric Holder is said to be the first big change from Bush policy. Holder will place a new focus on civil liberties, and restoring some of the privacy freedoms insured by the Constitution. Vice President-elect Joe Biden will also be an instrumental figure in the peace-keeping both at home and abroad. Biden’s experience as a foreign council committee chair and member of the Senate will put specific pressure on him to maintain order in the now Democratic majority Senate.