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Tendaji Inc. awarded at Black Ambition's 3rd Annual Demo Day

Source: Courtesy of Tendaji Inc / Courtesy of Tendaji Inc.

Cheers to elevation! 

Pharrell Williams’ non-profit initiative, Black Ambition, awarded 36 entrepreneurs with over $3 million to fund their businesses in November 2023. Tendaji Inc., one of Black Ambition’s $20,000 HBCU prize winners, has become a business to watch for fashion mavens. Founded by Daryl Riley, Stanton Ridley, and Jordan Wells, Tendaji Inc. has the vision of redefining convenience by designing clothing and accessories equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the founders are creating jackets with built-in wireless phone-charging capabilities.

Although Tendaji Inc.’s plans are ambitious for any fashion company, the trio has already put the wheels in motion via Black Ambition’s priceless resources. That said, fashion mavens have a lot to look forward to in 2024.

Pharrell’s wise advice for Daryl Riley and Tendaji Inc.’s plans for 2024

After facing adversity and finally joining the Black Ambition entrepreneurial family after three attempts, Riley is determined to up the ante in 2024.

“Our goal for 2024 is to officially launch Tendaji into the market and introduce the world to the upcoming fashion technology industry,” Riley told Hello Beautiful

Thanks to the non-profit, Tendaji Inc. and other winners can look forward to resources and connections to additional investors, life-coaching and therapeutic workshops, and mentorship. However, one of the most rewarding aspects is learning priceless gems for business and development from Pharell.

“Pharrell told us to ‘Shine our brightest as we step into the rooms that we belong in, which gave us confidence and reassurance in our business,’” Riley told us.

Black Ambition Demo Day 2023 stage with Warby Parker Co-CEO/Founder Dave Giboa, Black Ambition CEO Felicia Hatcher, and Black Ambition Founder Pharrell Williams

Source: Courtesy of Black Ambition / Courtesy of Black Ambition

Fellow Hampton University alum and Black Ambition winner, Kadija Dosso, supports Tendaji Inc.

Speaking of confidence, Tendaji Inc. has earned support from Black Ambition alum and the 2021 HBCU $250,000 Prize recipient, Kadija Dosso, founder of Dosso Beauty.

“Daryl and Stanton Ridley are two of the most tenacious people I know. They are extremely determined to win and see everyone around them win,” Dosso told Hello Beautiful. “Moving forward into the Black Ambition family, I’d advise them to use their cohort as an anchor of support on their entrepreneurial journey.”

2024 is officially in full swing, and Daryl and his partners are busy at work. Tendaji Inc. is currently eyeing a February/ March 2024 release date. 

“We’re currently entering the prototyping phase by designing our minimum viable product,” the entrepreneur shared. “However, we’re looking to expand our team and social media presence thanks to Black Ambition’s financial support.”


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