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From the BBC:

The US military will end its disaster relief mission in Haiti at the beginning of June, nearly six months after the massive earthquake struck.

There are currently 2,200 US troops in the country, down from a peak of 22,000 in February when large numbers were despatched to help the aid effort.

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Some 500 National Guard troops and reservists will remain in Haiti to help aid workers, a US commander said.

January’s quake killed up to 230,000 people and left one million homeless.

In the weeks following the disaster, the US sent around 22,000 military personnel to Haiti, some 7,000 on the ground and the rest on ships offshore.

“I expect us to – on or about 1 June – to be able to stand down the joint task force,” said Lt Gen Ken Keen, who ended his stint as head of the operation on Sunday.

He said the military could step back mainly because of “the increasing capacity of non-government organisations that are really running much of the humanitarian efforts within the country”.

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