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Even at the most basic level you have to give big props to anybody with the genuine love and kindness in their hearts necessary to adopt a child.

This is one of those cases where you can’t just sit on the sideline and criticize because adoptive parents have actually taken a stand. They’ve decided that they’ve got enough compassion, enough sympathy, enough of God’s divine virtue to share with another person—a child—that is of no natural relation to them.

But then you get realistic and you’re like… wait a minute.

When Angelina Jolie did it, it was like, ok, Angelina envisions herself some type of political figure intent on saving the world and hey, it’s not no Black American baby so lets just raise our hands on this one and keep an eye on her—from a distance.

Then when Madonna did it, it was like, ok now, you people are getting a little pushy with our African nieces and nephews but since we haven’t traditionally been stepping up to that particular plate and since Madonna generally gets the kind of pass from Black America that white America gave to Jimi Hendrix, we narrowed our eyes some and watched, but otherwise remained silent.

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Now Sandra Bullock, who I love as an actress, but realistically, doesn’t even have the good sense not to marry a Nazi, is running around with Louis, her 3 ½ month old adopted son.

Louis is from New Orleans. This means he’s Black American. Things are getting a little close to home.

One can only loosely speculate on what will be the collective psyches of these three children once they reach 18.

Most of us have at least had a Black parent or two that could help us navigate the overall irrationality that is America.

Even with that advantage, self-loathing was always a possibility. Without it, self-loathing seems inevitable.

Still, the reality is this: when I criticize a NBA player as a bum, I’m speaking, of course, relatively.

Any NBA player would destroy me personally in a game of basketball.

Similarly, although the latest fashion accessory for A-list white people seems to be a beautiful Black baby, this is the one time that white trendsetters are blazing a trail wouldn’t be bad at all for the rest of us to follow.


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