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Me? I love tha twitter. For those of you using it to get the latest news and info: you can follow our blog posts at @jjpolitics and my thought stream direct at @ch3ryl. For those who ain’t — whatchu waitin’ for? Twitter is apparently a place we now dominate, which I can attest to given the number of black followers who tweet and re-tweet me regularly (plus all the brothers and sisters I’m following).

Here’s the deets – it’s more proof we’re digital-savvy as a people and the digital divide is closing fast. In fact Pew Internet found in a study last year that when you factor in mobile internet access, there is no digital divide and in fact, minorities (depending on the circumstances) are more likely than whites to be online:

The report found that nearly half of all African-Americans and English-speaking Hispanics (the study did not include a Spanish-language option) were using mobile phones or other hand-held devices to surf the Web and send e-mail messages. By comparison, just 28 percent of white Americans reported ever going online using a mobile device.

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Not only are African-Americans the most active users of mobile Internet, they are also the fastest growing group to adopt the technology: the percentage of African-Americans using mobile phones or another type of connected gadget to share e-mail, exchange instant messages and access the Internet for information on an average day has more than doubled since late 2007, jumping to 29 percent, from 12 percent.

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