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Check out this exclusive preview of Cathy Hughes’ exclusive TV One on One interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan, which re-airs Sunday, June 13 at 3AM and 10PM (ET) and Sunday, June 20 at 2:30PM on TV One:

On Sunday, an historic episode of TV One-On-One with Cathy Hughes will debut a two-hour special with Min. Louis Farrakhan at 9pm EST. The controversial leader of the Nation of Islam sat down with the Radio One founder and chairwoman to discuss a full range of topics from the state of black leadership and the maintenance of African-American culture, to interracial marriage and President Barack Obama.

“There is a drain of black genius,” Ms. Hughes says. “The passing of Dr. Dorothy Height reminded me that our elders are dying, and I am not confident that we have done enough to document their thinking.

“Whether you love him or hate him, Min. Farrakhan is one of the great thinkers and orators of our time.  It is anti-intellectual not to hear what someone with a gift has to say. If you’re not a member of the Nation, or don’t buy his tapes or videos, you don’t get to really hear this man.”

For the first time ever, Reverend Farrakhan allowed cameras into his private home, a grand and idyllic farmhouse far away from the Chicago headquarters of the Nation.

“This is not an interview, this is more a conversation. I wanted to have a conversation with a man named Louis.”

Ms. Hughes first interviewed Min. Farrakhan over thirty years ago, shortly after he took over the Nation of Islam. She worked for three years to solicit the 79-year-old leader’s approval on this inspired sit-down.

“Min. Farrakhan never mastered the art of controlling his media coverage, and he has often been a victim of soundbites slanted to make him controversial.  But Min. Farrakhan is truly a teacher and this piece is consistent with what I’ve tried to do throughout my media career, and that is to provide a voice for the members of the African-American community, whether you’re a leader or a listener or a viewer,” says Ms. Hughes.

TV ONE will air the special this Sunday at 9p with re-runs expected throughout the year.

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