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By Wyclef Jean

The headlines are less frequent, but Haiti is still pumping through the bloodstream in our house.

Haiti, where I was born, is my heart and soul and the heart and soul of my family, and we’ve been working really hard to get food, clean water and medical attention to the millions of people affected by the January 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince.

Now that it’s the rainy season, we have another serious problem: About a million Haitians are living in massive tent cities, struggling to keep dry.

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The season will last through July, and we could end up with some serious flooding. Our organization, Yéle Haiti, has been distributing tents, as have other organizations, but no matter how many people we help, some people are still living under sheets or in cardboard boxes. Nobody would really call that “shelter,” and for basic human dignity, people need to live in a place that keeps the rain and wind out. They can’t survive much longer like this. We have to do something fast.

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