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From the Washington Post:

First lady Michelle Obama was in rare campaign form on Wednesday, delivering a political speech at a Democratic National Committee luncheon, before returning to the White House to celebrate Mother’s Day with scores of women and girls nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and fruit tartlettes.

The day captured the dual worlds of being first lady, with her assets as an outspoken motivator and as a down-home Everymom each on display.

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At midday, Obama embarked on a mission to use her broad appeal for a partisan cause. She stepped onto a stage at a hotel ballroom to rouse some 500 Democratic activists at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum Conference to help the party win in November’s midterm elections.

“We desperately need all of you to stay involved in this work,” Obama said, with a no-nonsense voter-turnout message. “You cannot stop — because we all know that when you need something done, and you ask women to do it, it gets done. End of story.”

Obama continued her drive through bursts of laughter and clapping: “And in the months leading up to this November and beyond, we’re going to need you to get out there and get it done, because we know that change — we do know that change doesn’t happen overnight. . . . It takes folks like you, folks who are constantly rejecting the cynicism, casting aside the doubts and working day after day to continue what we’ve already started.”

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