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Instead of trying to live out her days being a pillar of her community, Ola Mae Agee, 87, opted to ‘enrich’ her environment by selling crack-cocaine. The octogenarian was busted last Thursday on video for trying to sell the illegal drugs to an undercover officer.

The senior was arrested after she sold a $20 piece of crack to the officer back on April 30th. Escambia County, Fla., investigators caught the entire drug sale on a surveillance tape. The video reveals how the officer knocked on Agee’s back door. The retired janitor is then seen letting the undercover cop into her home and walking him through various rooms until she gets to a sofa. The woman is then seen rummaging through the piece of furniture until she finds the crack-cocaine. The deputy is seen doling out $20 and some additional change to the elderly woman, she then in turn, hands over the crack.

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