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Tony Watson, a 31-year U.S. Navy veteran and 1988 winner of the Black Engineer of the Year Government Award says that stopping the flow of oil can be fixed immediately by new technology ready for immediate deployment.

“Clean Beach Technologies has developed new technology equipment that enables three key strategies to be implemented simultaneously to significantly arrest the flow of crude oil to shore,” he says.

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“This is the world’s biggest problem right now,” maintains Watson, CEO of Clean Beach Technologies. “Especially with the failure of the dome repair to achieve its objective,” he warns. “Oil will continue to gush out at more than 5000 barrels per day, and separately, disperse towards shore, causing long-lasting devastating impact or even destruction of the fish and shrimp industry and the way of life of millions of American workers—perhaps making beaches uninhabitable for local Gulf summer beach industries, destroying the entire summer economic equation of the beach regions,” he says.

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