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Make no mistake. The Jet started by John H. Johnson in 1951, your grandmama’s Jet–heck, even my Jet–is not the new the digital age online Jet. Still, as folks in churches and barbershops and beauty parlors and grandmamas’ living rooms have said for more than half a century in whatever vernacular: If it ain’t in The Jet, it ain’t happened yet.

“Beyond the nostalgia, Jet has this connection with the community undeniably, and people want to know what we’re doing, what we’re covering. Through our rebranding, we’ve tried to focus on some of the modern-day issues that folks are engaged in and want to know more about,” says Mira Lowe, Jet‘s editor-in chief.

“It’s undeniable that we are the trusted source for the black community,” says Wendy Parks, the corporate communications director.

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If you’ve recently seen the print version of the pocket-size magazine, you’ll know that there’s a new look and a new attitude – aiming at a younger audience, the 21- to 34-year-olds. And if you check out, you’ll enter the 21st century that even Mr. Johnson, who died in 2005, only have imagined.

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