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Those familiar with NewsOne,  know that I have been writing about Ron Paul and his racist and conspiracy theorist beliefs for some time. It seems like the mainstream media has stopped covering Ron Paul’s racist newsletters and New World Order paranoia and started focusing on his son, Rand and his anti-civil rights ideologies that mirror his father’s. Well racism isn’t the only thing that Rand inherited from his father. Rand is also a “New World Order” conspiracy theorist, in the mold of Timothy McVeigh and the John Birch society. Mother Jones has a piece exposing Rand and his “Patriot Movement,” “New World Order” philosophy.

Paul, like his father Ron (the libertarian Republican congressman), fancies himself a strict constitutionalist opposed to globalists and what he and others in the so-called “Patriot movement” call the New World Order. And this view of politics has led Paul to keep unusual company—such as his appearances on the radio show of Alex Jones, an anti-government conspiracy theorist and one of the more prominent proponents of the idea that the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

Ron Paul’s former director communications, Chris Hightower, who is a racist who posts pictures of African Americans being lynched and writes “Happy Nigger Day” on Martin Luther King Day was forced to resign after revealing 9/11 conspiracy theories. When asked about Hightower’s 9/11 conspiracy theories, Rand said it was a “complicated situation” with “truth on both sides.”

Mother Jones’ strongest link between Paul and conspiracy theories is his relationship with conspiracy theorist host, Alex Jones. both Rand and his father Ron have appeared on Jones show several times and Jones is an enthusiastic supporter of both of them. Jones is a conspiracy theoriest from the John Birch Society school of thought who is constantly building up conspiracies involving the Bilderburg group, the United Nations, the Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones as well as a supporter of white supremacists.

Throughout this particular show, Paul graciously accepted Jones’ support for his pending Senate candidacy. He gave the impression that he and Jones were like-minded foes of the globalists and international financiers plotting to undermine, if not destroy, the United States for their own gain. And Paul noted that career politicians are no match for this enemy force: “the ones that evolve to the top of the Republican and the Democratic Party end up being the people who don’t believe in anything…and they get pushed around by the New World Order types.”

Rand Paul On The Alex Jones Show