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Joe Jackson is certainly not kicking back on a tropical island and swinging in a hammock in his retirement years. Instead, he has gone on a rampage, accusing AEG – the promoters of Michael Jackson’s last tour – of contributing to his son’s death. According to TMZ Joe’s lawyer Brian Oxman will file two government agency complaints against AEG, claiming that abuse by them led to Michael’s death.

Since Michael was found dead last year from profolol intoxication, the Jackson patriarch has been publicly saying that the King of Pop was physically incapable of doing the grueling number of shows that the promoters had set him up to do. Michael was originally contracted to do 10 shows for the “This is It” tour but according to Joe the promotors tacked on 40 more, bringing the number to 50 in total.

Speaking to a reporter in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Good Morning America last year Joe Jackson said that: “The comeback tour was a good idea, but the wrong idea about it. There was more tours added onto it. Michael told me himself. That he agreed to 10 shows. But they went and added all these other shows. I was worried about his health.”

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