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After Alvin Greene’s surprise election in the Democratic primary in South Carolina, South Carolina congressman, James Clyburn has been claiming that Greene was a plant due to the circumstances surrounding the election.

Sunday on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Clyburn said:

“[I]t turned up after the elections, we found out, as I said earlier, something untoward was going on,” Clyburn told CNN’s State of the Union. “Now all of a sudden, we see that Congressman Joe Wilson’s campaign manager was, in fact, managing the campaign of my primary opponent. I saw the patterns in this. I know a Democratic pattern, I know a Republican pattern, and I saw in the Democratic primary, elephant dung all over the place. So I knew something was wrong in that primary. And this result tells us that. People intentionally circumvented the law, the rules and regulations, did not file any disclosures, did not file any of their campaign finances, yet they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars running this campaign and broke every law.”


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