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Roland Martin discusses the fears of America becoming a majority minority country. Thirty-years ago we would often hear that phrase. People said that it was thirty years away but now it is here. In seven states across America, minorities under the age of seven-teen out number whites.

In speaking with John Avalon, author of Wingnuts, about all the craziness with the Tea Party and people making outlandish comments came to the conclusion, we are of watching the rise of White victimhood.

All of a sudden in the Age of Obama, there are White people in this country who are freaking out by saying “Oh my God we are losing our grip on this country”.

Then there is Glenn Beck, who is now comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Beck and others are trying to take the moral standing of the Civil Rights Movement and claim it as their own. On August 28th, the same day as the March on Washington, the same day that then Sen. Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Nomination for President, Beck is going to have a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to reclaim the Civil Rights Movement.

LISTEN: Roland Martin calls out Glenn Beck

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