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Halliburton has been ripping off the U.S.A. for years during both the Afghan and Iraqi wars. No there is an article that speculates that Halliburton is responsible for the BP oil spill.


In the most recent revelation, Times-Picayune reporter David Hammer found that BP chose to forgo a crucial test of the cement linings in the Deepwater Horizon’s well. The contractor who was hired to perform the cement bond log test said BP officials sent the workers home without conducting it. The test, which checks the strength of cement protecting the well’s metal casing, could have revealed problems with the job, according to congressional testimony by a Halliburton executive.

In addition, schematics of the cementing design provided to Congress by contractor Halliburton are missing a key seal between two sections of metal casing. Experts said that would be a design flaw that would allow natural gas to blast into the well undetected and cause the rig’s explosion.

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